Board of Directors

The CIT Microfinance Bank Board of Directors is comprised of a wealth of experience with real world applications. Led by our Chairman, Eng. Jerome F.Bello.  Take a moment to get to know each of them. Welcome to Our Bank!

Arc. David Adegbite
Arch. David Adegbite

Raphael Femi Lewu
Grp Managing Director

Sir Benjamin Wilcox

Dele Daada

Kingsley Eremionkhale
Managing Director

Arc. David Adegbite

Arch. David Adegbite | Chairman

Architect Adegbite has acquired over three (3) decades of professional experience in the private practice of Architecture. He has over the years, been involved in remarkable projects and has tremendous experience in various businesses.

He has vast knowledge of the Capital and Money market. He readily lends his experience and professional services in support of Capitalfield Investment Group Ltd.

He is the Principal Architect of Davidson Konsult, the MD/CEO of De-Davidson Investment Limited and a Director of Misty-Kay Ventures. He is also on the Board of several other companies.