This product is for direct purchase of assets for (both income generating assets and household items) business owners and salary earners.

The Objective is to enable customers acquire assets/Equipment that will boost their income generating capacity or for personal use to improve their standard of living.

These Items include;
Household Item/Appliances, Motor Vehicles, Income Generating Equipment, etc.


The tenure shall be between 30-365 days & insured if need be
Assets be bought in the name of the CITMFB
20-40% of asset worth to be contributed by lessor
Post Dated Cheques of Beneficiary
2 guarantor’s cheque.
Equipment/ Asset forms the Collateral
Interest rate at 4% per month and upfront of 3.5%


Any salaried, self-employed or professional Public and Private companies, Government sector employees including Public Sector is eligible for a Asset/Equipment Finance.

Maximum age of applicant at loan maturity: 60 years
Minimum Net Monthly Income: ₦20,000
Applicant should have the bank specified credit score.